Curtis is the former guitarist of the deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon. He worked with them on their EP This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For, and for their first two albums Count Your Blessings and the amazing Suicide Season. Curtis was born deaf in one ear, and partially blind. As he could not afford earplugs every time he was playing he was damaging his other ear, which developed a bad ringing in it, which increased every time he played so much that he ended up having to smoke weed just to get him high enough to sleep at night.

Curtis was in a Metallica tribute band with Bring Me The Horizon lead guitarist Lee Malia (also Curtis' best friend) before they were in Bring Me The Horizon.

Curtis left Bring Me The Horizon after the Taste Of Chaos tour in America.
Stupid person: 'Curtis Ward is just a pretty face, he doesn't care about his music, he just cares about the haircut!'

Normal person: 'Fuck off, Curtis is damaging his hearing and giving up so much for this music, so if you think otherwhise you can go fuck yourself because you have no clue what shit he has been through!'
by artgenbheijin March 29, 2009
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A hospital for the care and treatment of patients affected with acute or chronic mental illness. Also called mental hospital.
after striping, she went to a psyche ward.
by Gabriella B May 21, 2008
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A traditional psych ward is a ward within a hospital that houses psychiatric patients. Traditionally patients on a psych ward will be housed in a large room with multiple beds allowing for minimal privacy.

In the US and many other developed countries places referred to as psych wards are actually psychiatric units, psychiatric departments, or psychiatric hospitals. Patients in these places are typically housed in individual rooms or with 1-3 roommates, rather than on a traditional ward.
"I just got back from the psych ward, it wasn't as crazy as it sounds!"
by Naydia October 18, 2017
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A Horrorcore rap group based in Michigan. mainly found on Myspace and recently in the last year becoming really famous in the Michigan area with songs about rape, torture, and the like.
Guy 1"Damn homie Mental Ward's new track is the shit!"

Guy 2"I know I cant wait for the next show!"
by Demos Darkblaze August 22, 2006
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greatest thing to come from massachusetts, micky ward is a ballsy retired junior welterweight professional boxer from Lowell, Mass. Irish and standing at 5'8'' he had a 38 win 27 ko record. He is most famous for his three fights with Gatti, the first of which he won (look it up and watch it) and the second he lost in a knockout after taking a serious beating and a punch that broke gatti's right hand. Not the most skillful boxer, Ward had an amazing left hook to the body and could take hits like only an Irishman can. He is the subject of the song Warrior's Code by dropkick murphys and he is on the cover of the album. A true underdog, Micky Ward is God.
It's another murderous night
Another left hook from hell
A bloody war on the boardwalk
And the kid from Lowell rises to the bell
It's a warrior's code
He's got the warrior's soul
Micky Ward
by Tim Jenkinson April 19, 2007
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Derogatory term for Prince George's "PG" County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC. Now has more murders than DC. More and more low-income African-American DC residents (and others) are being forced out of DC by high rents and real estate prices, and moving to PG County.

DC is subdivided into eight political wards. PG County is just over the border from Ward 8, which is east of the Anacostia River in DC, and DC's poorest and blackest ward.
<Dupont Circle guy> Dude, you still looking for a place to live?
<Dupont Circle guy #2> Man, I can't believe this shit. Rent's all so fuckin' expensive. I'm gonna end up in Ward Nine.
<Dupont Circle guy> *snort*
by rickster_dc August 8, 2005
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Joel Ward is an NHL player who plays for the Washington caps. He is the all around best player in the NHL and he fucks at least 2 bitches every night, and he is the currently the leading jersey seller of all the NHL players.
John: how many bitches do you think Joel Ward got tonight?
Mike: oh id say at least 17
by joelward69 July 5, 2011
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