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-age suffix added to want emphasizing the desire to own or posses.
*geeks at comic-con staring at Slave Leia*

"Wantage..." *drool*
by 0sm0sis April 26, 2009
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A Place in NJ where a lot of smoking reefer is at. Everyone does it here, even little timmy reefs it up with his mom down the road. No cops in wantage...just State police, but im sure all of them are fucked up right now. Just bust out your bubbler, bong, or tinny and rip the shit out of that beast. Dont worry about laced shit unless you want chronic. Everyone here is a professional blunt roller to. even grandma knows how to roll a fattie
Grandson "Grandma...can you roll this for me? Just 3 unchopped grams."

Grandma "Sure"

5 seconds later...

Grandma "chopped and rolled, I even took out the stems and shit"

Grandson "Gee thanks grandma...your the best"

Only in Wantage
by Rastadan October 26, 2005
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A term used by young people who want or desire something that they are as yet unable to possess.
'I saw a fat gold chain in the Argos catalogue, but I couldn't afford it, bare wantage tho blud'
by Burtons March 02, 2010
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