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A mobile phone with many unnecessary features, usually used by businessmen, or wankers, also people who think they are cool, usually a sign of a small penis. Proper wanker phones will be operated by means of a stylus, or "wanker stick".
by eltankos January 27, 2009
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An instrument designed, thought up, or made by a wanker. In the same way the sousaphone was developed by John Philip Sousa.

1. A tuba designed for marching, designed in America. This instrument sits upon the left shoulder of the player with the bell facing forward, with the player reaching across their body to press down the valves. This instrument is, on the whole, useless. It was ocviously created by a wanker.

2. A trombone that uses, instead of a slide system, a valve system similar to that of the trumpet, French horn or tuba. A valved trombone's sound is reedy and jerky-sounding. Practically all professional trombonists wouldn't go near one, and it is the opinion of most sane trombonists that it was created by a wanker.
"Stop playing that stupid wankerphone!!"
by Roland Apricot November 21, 2005
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Mobile phone. Not commonly used today, but was heavily used in the early days of the device. As the prices of phones dropped the term fell out of favour; another case of Tall poppy syndrome?
Look at that guy talking on his wanker phone; is he that important?!
by S!egfried June 14, 2010
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