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Someone with an overwhelming obsession with their phone, phone related apps and equipment. Someone with a new phone who is generally a boring person with nothing relevant or interesting to talk about. Someone with an aggressive need to show you their phone and tell you about its uninteresting attachments.
Look at my new phone, it has an app that comes up with interesting phone related conversation starters. Check out how much music my phone has! Why would I want to sleep with you when, instead we can talk about how much memory my phone has. I have no personality but my phone can be used as a metal detector. I am a complete Phone Wanker!
by The Scuzzy one October 27, 2010
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Someone who attends a live music event and insists on filming the performance on their phone instead of enjoying the atmosphere. Exactly what these dipshits do with the footage after the event is unclear but it's likely it just sits on their phone, acting as a reminder of the performance they attended in person but largely watched via a 5 inch screen. The Phone Wanker is further characterised by the person filming the event with their phone in a vertical/portrait orientation, thus rendering the footage unusable for any purpose other than viewing it on their phone. Sadly all attempts to capture the event for prosperity (or perhaps bragging rights) are rendered useless anyway since the diminutive microphone on the phone is inadequate when faced with the venues high powered speaker stack.
I went to see Rag n Bone man in concert last week. Amazing gig but I was surrounded by Phone Wankers who insisted on filming it!
by JayWon April 21, 2017
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