Is a phone that you can carry around, at the cost of making you impotent, risking blowing up gas stations, screwing up your pacemaker if you have an abnormal heart, screwing up your heart if you don't have a pacemaker, causing brain cancer, thumbscrew, increases the number of your specs, ruins your actual social life...
But it has a built in vibrator.
I need to get a new mobile phone, this one has become too sticky.
by Gunkglumb May 20, 2005
something that is good for calling people and also gud for taxing.
person1 - oh my god check out that fully sik razor (mobile phones)

person2 - lets tax that shit

person3 - and then we sell it for 2 hunge and spend the money on ciggies

person4 - yehhh bro koots.
by Sammmmmmmm November 24, 2006
A portable idiophone.
The marching band included mobile phones such as xylophones and Marimbas.
by Truth u can Handle September 28, 2019
The Apps With The Most Random Mobile Phone Ads are:
Lords Mobile
Mafia City
The list goes on and on
Now you’ve seen everything
by OninIsNotSomebody January 22, 2019
When someone talks bad about another person, or threatens them over the phone or through voice mail, but is afraid to confront the person they are talking about.
My ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, was being a mobile phone gangster, threatening me over the phone.
by TheAffiliates July 17, 2010