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Meaning Vixen
Origin Unknown

An absurdly attractive female that is a clever, sadistic, inspirational, intoxicating enchantress and once you've met one, you'll never meet another like her. She's reserved until you get to know her, but loud and crazy af once you do. Envied mostly by wretchedly unhappy cousins whom are stout in comparison to her, as well as anyone who isn't as smol as her. Known to be a great mother, teacher, wife, sister, friend and an amazing caregiver.
Person 1: Bruv I think Wanessa is fit! Do you think she will hang out with us?
Person 2: Are you kidding mate? Wanessa is more chill and sexy than your average putri!
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by kreamypstablue March 04, 2019
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A woman of the chocolate persuasion who usually answers to the name "Rick."
She loves her car,cats and treats other people like they were lepers.
Me:"Are you going to dinner with Wanessa tonight?
You: "Yes, Rick is picking me up around 7."
by Vanilla Rick February 10, 2010
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