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When a girl has a combination of a wedgie & a camel toe.
EG: OMG she's pulled her pants up so high she has a Wamel!

EG: wow look at those shorts, they're so tight she's given herself a Wamel

EG: That Wamel is so bad if she pulled her pants up anymore she'd split herself in half
by DrCripple November 05, 2013
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A mixture between a Camelus dromedarius(Camel) and a worm.
1. "Omg dude you're not coming to my house?! "Wth, don't be such a Wamel!"

John: Are we going to the beach today?
Black Rob: Nahh I'm too broke
John: Damn! YOU WAMEL!!!!!
by Unbogy July 10, 2008
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