Walnut Creek is a city in the Bay Area with an amazing downtown, good schools, and fun things to do if you know the right people. While the downtown is famous for its high end stores like Betsey Johnson, it also has cool underground thrift stores.
Walnut Creek is quiet and relaxing or fun and exciting depending where you go.
by cool kids unite! March 29, 2008
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Top Definition
A town in Norcal, half an hour away from the city. Population is filled with rich preps, wanna-be-ghettos, pretty girls, or really good skateboarders. All the kids know how to have fun, including parties every night, alcohol for illegal age, joy riding, and tagging walls. Corey Duffel (pro skateboarder) is from w.c.
kids here
are all
gonna make it big!

Kids in Walnut Creek:
Skateboarders: "Dude, did you see what happened yesterday, I fucking fell and screwed up my arm"
Wanna-Be-Ghettos: "Damn. You looking fine babe. Wanna go have a party at my place?"
Preps: "Like, OMG, did you see the like look on her like face? It was totally funny. I took a picture with my $300 pink camera!"
Pretty Girls: "Ahahaha. Thats chill. I think we should hang sometime, you in?"
by elliisthebomb November 20, 2007
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Hella cool city in NorCal.
Girl: Walnut Creek is hella cool.
Guy: I know. It's hella sick.
by Jessica M. September 09, 2005
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walnut creek, a town in the bay area in california. it's getting bigger and better. has a lot of stupid people. but the number of cool kids is catching up. : - ) if you hatin...then go home. k thx.
Pworld : shit son, dey gotta movie theatre look like a space ship
yoch : hell yah, i seen that blue motherfucker
by the H . B . April 28, 2005
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a reallly cool town in California. It has a reallly nice downtown. People who live there: Scene kids hanging out behind kfc piercing things. reallly prettty, really slutty girls who get drunk or high every weekend and suck a lot of dicks. preppy annoying girls who think theyre reallly cool and think kissing a guy is extremely badass. wannabe gangasters who take lots of myspace pictures and hang out with all the pretty sluts. really good skaterrs: they skate all the time. Stoners: everybody in walnut creek except the preps. Everyone here knows how to party, theyre all rich, beautiful, and wacked out on drugs or alcohal. its the best place to be.
Pretty girl: lets go see what the scenes are up to.
preps: Ewww, scene kids are gross!
gangster: shut the hell up before i kick yo ass
stoner: whered my weed go?
skaters: damn! i just snapped my board.
scene kids: Damn i love walnut creek.
by foofa1234567373980348934- November 19, 2009
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A town about 25 minutes away from San Francisco, and 15 from Oakland and Berkeley. People from all around the bay area come to Walnut Creek to shop in Broadway Plaza which is filled with stores too expensive for any normal person to shop at. For the locals, it's extremely boring, so they result to getting drunk and high every weekend. and hang out at the "blocks" out in front of the movie theater in downtown. The two high schools are Las Lomas and Northgate. They are rival schools and if you mix the two together it would become deadly. Las Lomas is full of ugly guys and pretty girls, all extremely rich. It's about 60% white, 15% asian, 10% Persian, 10% mexican, and 5% black. Northgate is full of wanna-be ghetto stoners. the girls are all really ugy and wear too much makeup. the guys are hot, but complete douche bags. if i had to choose, i'd choose Las Lomas. athletics are better, and if you go to Las Lomas, you're more likely to succeed.
nah bro, have you seen those Walnut Creek kids? i'd rather not.
by wazzapp989 February 13, 2011
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A pretty boring city filled with sluts and wanna-be ghetto people. at least it's close to fun places like oakland. lots of drugs in most of the schools here.
Typical walnut creek conversation:
Person: heyy hook me up?
Person 2: Whatdayawant?
Person: cocaine, hell yea, I'll make crack with it, like so ghetto!
by Jewelziedoll August 08, 2008
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