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a reallly cool town in California. It has a reallly nice downtown. People who live there: Scene kids hanging out behind kfc piercing things. reallly prettty, really slutty girls who get drunk or high every weekend and suck a lot of dicks. preppy annoying girls who think theyre reallly cool and think kissing a guy is extremely badass. wannabe gangasters who take lots of myspace pictures and hang out with all the pretty sluts. really good skaterrs: they skate all the time. Stoners: everybody in walnut creek except the preps. Everyone here knows how to party, theyre all rich, beautiful, and wacked out on drugs or alcohal. its the best place to be.
Pretty girl: lets go see what the scenes are up to.
preps: Ewww, scene kids are gross!
gangster: shut the hell up before i kick yo ass
stoner: whered my weed go?
skaters: damn! i just snapped my board.
scene kids: Damn i love walnut creek.
by foofa1234567373980348934- November 19, 2009

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