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(Pronounced WULL-OO) One of the most offensive curse-words in the history of mankind.

Historically uttered first by the first man to ever get fired by their boss in the history of mankind. Then it was uttered by Chuck Norris, when it was lost in historical etymology for 95 years because nobody wanted to be the third person to utter the word after Chuck in fear of having their ass delivered to them via USPS the next day.

It was inevitably re-introduced in one of Stephen Hawking's recent (2009) mathmatical formulas to prove time travel.

The fourth to utter it was the hip hop artist Twista, who supposedly mumbled it by accident inbetween one of his lyrics at a bajillion word per second.

It means absolutely nothing - the only word in human language to mean absolutely nothing - which is why it is so devastating.

It sounds offensive, it IS offensive; yet, no authority can penalize, scold, or punish you for saying it. Most e

Discaimer: Expect a lightning bolt from the sky when you decide to grow balls to utter it.
1. "You ffffat wallu."
2. "You're nothing short of a wallu."
3. "Tell your mom thanks for the wallu."
4. "I did a lot of wallu yesterday. I can't go to school."
5. "Last night I wallu'd all over your couch dude, my bad."
6. "W...wa...wallu-" *thunderstrike* *dies*
by Bl4ckR41nH0Q May 19, 2010
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A word to describe a family that is closer than any other. They stick by each other through thick and thin.
Guy: Wow, that family is always together! And no matter what happens, they are always there for each other.

Girl: They must be a Wallus family.
by cheese06 January 14, 2011
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