When a skeezy politician who makes an idiotic statement that reflects his real opinion has it pointed out how stupid, racist, homophobic, etc. his comment was, uses a form of time travel to "walk it back" & say something less idiotic to replace his original statement.
“No, it wasn’t a mistake. I said exactly what I said. Explain to me what I said wrong,” Bush said.
“You said, ‘Stuff happens,’” Lizza responded.
Trying to walk it back, Bush replied “things happen all the time. Things, is that better?” Bush replied.
by oldcodgerette October 3, 2015
When a female wants to let you know that she knows that you like her and she wants to let you know you’re in the friendzone.

Sorry about that Captain.
Guy> Hey (Girl’s name).

Girl> Hey (Friendzoned guys name), Do you want me to walk you back?
by FrostDont@Me June 19, 2019
When your dog hates going for walks you carry him/ her to the end of the block and then walk back ( or scamper back) home. Applicable for other pets or small people.
Honey I'll be back really soon just taking Felix ( our dog) for a walk back.
by Tommy Mommy August 13, 2017