a place where nothing happens.........
at all.......
a small city in Oconee county South Carolina.....
Meanwhile in walhalla (AKA Hell):

Friggin crap im bored

wanna ride bikes?


you remember what happened last time
by Spartan M23 July 19, 2008
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Tucked in the Northwest Corner of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Walhalla is the County Seat for Oconee County. Walhalla is German for "Garden of the Gods"; Oconee is Cherokee for "Land Beside the Water". Established by German settlers in 1850, the 18,859 acres was purchased for $27,000. Walhalla was home to the Cherokee but they gave up their lands in treaties singed in 1777 and 1816. Walhalla is home to numerous hiking trails, waterfalls and is rich in history of American Indians, Germans, Scottish and Irish.
Walhalla is a rich, lush town backdropped by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, waterfalls and history.
by heelsX2 December 19, 2010
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Paradise of the ancient Germanic religion, peopled by slain heroes and angel-like creatures called Valkyries (heroes and angels - guess what they are doing).
Where is the next battle? I want to see Walhalla!
by Libuda August 25, 2003
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The main antagonist of Beyblade Burst Sparking, the fifth season of Beyblade (the show) and the sixth generation of Beyblades (the tops). He is a blader with launcher-shattering launch power and unbeatable flare. He has a pet hedgehog named Harry. He is known for having plot armor able to destroy the generation main character Valt Aoi and the Sparking main character Hyuga Asahi. He was mentored by Shu Kurenai, one of the strongest Bladers. He uses the Defense type beyblade Lucifer The End. Kou. Drift. He is also known as Lane Valhalla outside of Japan or Lain Valhalla in the Americas and West Asia.
Lean Walhalla is the king of plot armor.
by LetItRip016 February 14, 2021
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WaLhAlLa, BrEzAh no.1
ThErE ArE nO BrEeZeR's LeFt, WaLhAlLa ToOk ThEm AlL!¡!
by Bezzerk June 26, 2003
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The reformed antagonist of Beyblade Burst Surge and one of the 3 new characters in Surge who are actually relevant. He is a trainee of Shu Kurenai and former member of The Raging Bulls. His name in the English dub is Lain Valhalla.

He owns an unreleased bey, First Uranus Mobius-2D, said to be the first Sparking bey. He later creates Variant Lucifer Mobius-2D aka Vex Lucius. His final beyblade is Lucifer the End Kou Drift aka Lucius Endbringer.

He owns a pet hedgehog names Harry and a lot of plot armor.
Person A: Hey what do you think of Beyblade Burst Surge?
Person B: It’s good
Person A: What do you think of Lean Walhalla

Person B: ew, the only thing I liked about him was his pet hedgehog.
by astrxxl July 10, 2021
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