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This is a rural shithole county that has more drama than a season of Jersey Shore. It is home to the Oconee County Warriors and the North oconee Titans. At one point it was the richest county in Georgia and its still high on the list. It's full of pricks, faggots, bullshitters, rednecks, ass-wipes, douche bags, and tough guys, all of whom rely on their parents money to get through life.

People in oconee county love to talk shit and not back it up. OC wasnt always full of pussies, but now theyve all graduated and thats why college has become so badass. Everyone left in OC loves to try to be a hardass, spend money, jack up their piece of shit truck or stunt in the new mercedes their parents bought them, while blasting gucci mane or some nigger-shit. The rednecks are just as bad because theyre all dumb jackasses and cant do shit right.

One sign of an Oconee County Native is that you will always find them hanging around walmart or mcdonalds after 10pm. Because its late they think theyre badass.

OC kids love to smoke cigs because they think it makes them look like a hardass when really they have no rank at all.

No one can wait to get the fuck out of Oconee County, especially with all the drama that goes down. Shit gets around and people talk all kinds of crap but never own up to it. Hell on Earth- get out of OC ASAP, because the girls are ugly as hell, the parties are lame as shit, and the homegrown mids don't even get you high.
"Dude we needa get the fuck out this county"

"Fuck Oconee County"

"Nigga dis bullshit"

Chad: "Dude I fucking hate Lane hes the biggest faggot ass in the world, I would whoop his ass right now, someone get that nigga over here"

Lane: "Fuck you just say 'bout me?"

Chad: "Nothin man, talkin 'bout someone else"

Lane: "Str8 nigga"
by benstiller6969 March 03, 2011
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