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is male name originated from the arab language that means distinguished and is derived from wajuha ( to be distinguished).

It is often used to define a person who is noble, amazing, awesome, handsome, and very confident. These people tend to be great listeners and are always there for anyone who may need help. They are good friends and always come through for the people they care about. At times they are a little proud but only for good reasons, they never let their pride get the best of them. They are beyond sweet and have a good way with words. they have the ability to make people feel special and bring out the best in them. Without them life would truly be a little less exciting and a little less happier.
Wajih people always make good companions.
by kuku72 September 29, 2010
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Wajih is a fun, loving and caring guy. He is cool but very dirty. Wajih can get real sexual sometimes. Wajih is an animal in the bed and uses his dick like a gun. He loves sex. He also likes to go on porn hub. Despite all the sexual stuff he is a nice guy. He has good advice and is loyal. If you are wajihs gf then u are extremely lucky. He is a bit weird but all around a nice guy. If you know a wajih then cherish him.
Man1:wajih is so cool
by Hi556 December 29, 2018
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