a minecraft youtuber that has 3.78 million subscribers that made a meme by finding buried treasure mapless no f3

Posted October 3rd, 2021
Person 1: Yo have u seen wadzee’s new video?
Person 2: Yeah, you know you could find buried treasure mapless by using pie ray to find chests on beach chunks and then going to the 9, 9 coordinate

Person 1: Does this require f3?
Person 2: Yes
Person 1: f3 isn’t working ur lying!
Person 2: do fn+f3
Person 1: that also doesn’t work!
Person 2: What edition of Minecraft are you playing?
Person 1: BeDrOcK EdItIoN!
<person 2 bullies person 1 because of the java vs bedrock controversy>
by 2k197k77 October 4, 2021
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Lol :-)

A cool Australian Youtuber who usually plays Minecraft,
Jesse Watterson
Friend: Hey jack did you see that wadzee vid?

Me: No man I couldn’t find it
by Shrimp 🍤 November 12, 2020
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Guy: You're shirt is cool
by Nicnic5556 October 19, 2021
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