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Wabo means Wild Ass Boys Orientted; so it puts a new meaningcto an action. To be waboxis to be reckless and fearless. If you're wabo, you're better than a normal person. Wabo people are at the same level as kings and wabo actions are at the same level as lion taming.
"Ay bro...that dude is f**ckin' wabo"
"I know right, he did a wabo skate move"
by Sauceytoowabo July 26, 2017
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A racially confused species in Australia, similar to the American wigga. A wabo is a white person who wants to be an abo. Typically found in Maroubra, wabos are rarely seen in Redfern for fear of being called a "white cunt", an insult which is also used frequently by wabos against other white people. Many wabos claim some sort of Aboriginal heritage despite obvious physical features which would demonstrate the contrary. Required uniform is shiny oversized fubu, dada and everlast clothing which is proudly displayed congregating outside maccas and 7/eleven in large groups. Lebo shaved heads with rats tails and fringes are a must for the guys, whilst skanky westy hair (pulled back tightly with lots of gel and slut straps) is the look for the scary fat wabo chicks. Can be distinguished from the lebos by their lack of body hair and gold chains. Unlike their wealthier American counterparts, they are generally lower-middle class and often do manage to score the dole. Violent and angry because of all the wrongs white australia has perpetrated against them, wabos should be approached with caution.
Wabo: You owe me money ya white cunt!
Surfer: Fuck off you wabo gimp!
by cushion April 30, 2005
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What A Bunch Of Shit - commonly used on instant messengers
Caitlin: "and then he got all hurt like i did somehting to HIM!!!"

Melissa : "WABOS"
by wwrtd February 18, 2006
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Acronym for "What A Bad One."

Often exclaimed after witnessing or hearing about something which maybe be considered ironic, hypocritical and/or embarrassing.
"Wasn't he the one giving everyone else grief about self-conduct and morals? Meanwhile, he's slipping molly's in drinks... SMH... WABO."
by ozny January 23, 2016
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Wet Anal Blow Out. A big soggy fart
I had a mass wabo today it soaked through my pants and dripped down my trouser legs!
by Bex_80 September 24, 2006
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