A mocking noise.
Evolved from pointning and laughing making and drawn out "ah" noise
Paul: Dam john, look at the fine one across the street
John: Who? Which one? Where?
Paul: Right there... in the pink top.
John: That my mum ya dick
Paul: Waaaa Spoof
by egdop June 22, 2010
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1.A sound made instead of "wh" or "wa". When you have lived in indonesia for like 5 years of your life and your family live in scotland and you live in high wycombe.
2.The sound baby's make when they cry.
Malcolm: Waaaaaaat You doing tonite?
Adam: Nothing Really you?
Malcolm: Having a waaaaaaaank.
by Adam Cramp July 9, 2006
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Your still in your pjs.Waaaa
by Eggs12345679 August 31, 2016
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when an ignorant spoiled child cries because they didn't get what they wanted.
KID: Mom can I have the IPhone 4
MOM: But you already have the IPhone 3!
KID: waaaa waaaa!
MOM: ok, ill give it to you
by moneymoneymoney1728384883 December 29, 2011
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a phrase used by currently falling people
If you fall for 10 meters straight, you say WAAAA!!!
by urmomaa3pwokedpsoz August 13, 2020
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