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An acronym for "What Would Batman Do?", specifically started by Dr. McNinja and various other fans of the Batman's work. Usually used in a crisis situation when faced with the risk of your own life.
AHH! Insane Clowns! WWBD?
by HoffmanChild May 29, 2006
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It obviously stands for 'What Would Buffy Do' there is like a whole cult following of Buffy lovers who use the phrase 'wwbd', there are t-shirts and key rings and stuff with it on
by lauren May 06, 2004
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Stands for "What would Buffy do?"
As in, Buffy the vampire slayer.
see also: Five by Five, WTFWJD
"Oh look, we are all alone in a dark alley with no weapons surrounded by wierd men with bumpy faces. WWBD?"
by AdamZA April 23, 2008
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What Would Beyoncé Do?
Girl: Dayum that bitch just stole my weave, what should i do?
Girl 2: Well, WWBD?
by ecnoyeb February 04, 2010
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"W.W.B.D" Short for "What Would Bobby Do...." When contemplating the best of two choices, or if an obstacle is to be overtaken, W.W.B.D is ALWAYS the best consideration. Bobby Stasko, the "Bobby" in question is brilliant and his philosophy's will never steer you wrong.

Don't believe? Google Bobby Stasko...
Guy1. "Dude, wanna go sky diving today? "

Guy2. "sounds swell but i got to go to the Home Depot"

Guy1. "Gay.. WTF man W.W.B.D.....


Bud Light or Lion's Head.... W.W.B.D...... The correct choice.. Lions Head
by IHaVeCaKe November 09, 2010
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What would Bruce do?
Frank: "I don't want to take good pictures."
Boy: "WWBD?"
Frank: "He would take those pictures."
by Bushdid911 April 15, 2015
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what would <insert name beging with B here> do.

Out of what ive seen my fav has been what would bam do, as bam just owns
hmm a steep hill...
hmm a tolly...
now WWBD
*rides towards trolly and does a kickflip into it. The momentem moving the trolly down the steep hill*
by Zepth August 19, 2004
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