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{What The Fuck, Over}
Used by RTOs (Radio Telephone Operators) in return to a message that makes zero sense.
Alternately "DWTFO" - "Duh, What the Fuck, Over".
Usual response is "YGBSM" - "Your Gotta Be Shit'n Me"
Charley Bravo 6, Delta Tango 7, Sit Rep (Situation Report), over.
Delta Tango 7, Charley Bravo 6, our np (night position) completely surrounded, over.
Roger Bravo 6, blow your bush (set off your ambush), over.
WTFO Tango 7? YGBSM!, over.
by RaoulJan August 08, 2006
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Wide The Fuck Open

As in the throttle of any various vehicle. When the throttle is Wide The Fuck Open, the engine is allowed all the air it can use to make power.

A favorite among dirt trackers, four wheelers, drag racers, etc.
If you see WTFO on a car hauler or helmet, it does not mean "What the Fuck?, Over!" Racing. It is "Wide The Fuck Open Racing."

Dude 1: "Did you see him nail it comin out of the mud?"
Dude 2: "Yeah, he had that fucker pinned!"
Dude 1: "WTFO and slingin' some shit!!!

Dude 1: "How'd he come from 2 laps down to winnin' the damn race?!?"
Dude 2: "He held it WTFO the last 6 laps, damn near burned the right rear tire off!"
by my1stpseudonym September 27, 2010
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Vietnam 68/69, ICOR South wanted to stop us from swearing over the radio. A typical morning check in to get your daily missions would go "Sargent Pepper, Swinging Kingdom Zulu what the fuck is up". Please don't swear over the radio and say Over after your transmission. "OK, What the fuckover" Meaning you know are getting fucked over with your missions. If your call name started with an "S" you were Special Forces, "K" was Flotilla (Boats) "Z"was you were on your own, No base or home port. You only took directions from ICOR. Radio Calls told the other end who and what you were.
Fuck and the word over is one word. Fuckover. WTFO}
by Xbikerbobx August 19, 2016
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An amalgamation of vulgar txt speak and military jargon; an acronym for "What the fuck, over?"

A response to a non-sensical statement or non sequitur, not used in face-to-face conversation.
A phone conversation...
Person1: So, then he says "Well, boss, I'm glad you finally decided to go ahead with my idea."
Person2: His idea? WTFO?
Person1: I know, he is totally delusional.
by Shamu The Killer Whale April 14, 2008
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Wide The Fuck Open.

A valid IV drip rate when shit hits the fan.

Leaving the IV cranked so fast that you drain the bag within minutes.
"How fast should I set this IV?"

"How bad is the patient?"

"Pretty fucked up"

"Set it WTFO"
by EMTJP February 14, 2010
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