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Simply means "way of the road". This phrase was popularized by Twitch streamer TimtheTatMan. When something unfortunate would happen, he'd simply say "that's the way of the road".
WOTR: Way of the road

*Ninja gets killed by bots* Tim: "Way of the road, bud"

Nick: "Why'd you take fall damage?"
Tim: *gets close to microphone* "Cause its the way of the road"
by Count-it September 13, 2018
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Short for "walk out the room". Mostly used online when someone says something so ridiculous that it's beyond words. Created by a musician named Steph Jones.
Timmy(ignorant kid): Yo dude, "lil Wanye" is the best rapper to ever live.
Chelsea(die hard 2pac fan): 'WOTR'
by xCheliington November 17, 2009
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