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Reminder for everyone to vote **** for WOTM
by RFreed February 26, 2018
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Term used to describe a generic rock band that thinks itself better than it is. Usually made of at least one arrogant SOB along with 3-4 well meaning followers who will inevitably get sucked into believing that they will amount to something. After this happens, they too will become arrogant, the egos of the members combining into one super-ego that will fill a room and make you want to vomit.

A WOTM will generally produce one or two catchy songs that quickly lose their appeal unless you're friends with the band. Of course, to the WOTM friend is a subjective term. Chances are, if you're friends with a member of a WOTM, you're not. Think the band that everyone thought was great in freshman year, just because they were the first people to attempt such a thing. A WOTM is what occurs when such bands are not thwarted by those who can play better than they can, and do not bother trying to improve. They think a little natural talent is all you need.

Keen onlookers will notice a slight shifting of musical styles as the trends change. This is generally part of their desperate attempt at proving their own worth as other bands get recording contracts and are rewarded for their talent. The WOTM, thinking that it too has talent, is insulted by this and tries even harder to get one for itself. Ultimately though, such efforts will prove to be futile, and as the years pass the WOTM will eventually stagnate and fade into oblivion, crushing the dreams of the arrogant hacks who had no right to dream them anyway.
Oh man! The opening band was so WOTM it hurt. Don't they audition these people?
by Sal Paradise October 07, 2004
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Word of the moment. The thing up in the right hand corner of Through time maybe one day perhaps this word too may become wotm.
Heh heh look pussy is the current WOTM!
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003
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