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A Wetto Is The Opposite Of A Wetback. It Is A White Person
Who Is Deported From Mexico
For Various Nefarious Activities.
We Used To Call Him Geno But After Being Deported From Mexico
For Underage Drinking. We Now Call Him Wetto The Opposite Of Being A Wetback.
by KontikiDave August 29, 2017
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Slang term for Mexicans and Latinos. Originates from the word wetback.
This wetto can't speak any English, what the hell is he doing trying to take my order? He should be in the back cooking.
by Stonehead Jones March 24, 2008
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1. a word used to describe a perfect shot in either basketball or beer pong.
2. a word used to describe anything that is amazing, out of this world or extraordinary.
3. Commonly used as a greeting such as whats up.
1. You better drink that cup because that was just wettos.
2. You have no clue how wettos i am
by Chris Tychostup January 30, 2007
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