Being together, forever, untill the time you die
Rihanna song we ride
"when we ride, we ride till the day we die"
by Milzzzz September 2, 2006
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What a person says after they get rejected and they re-download a dating app out of frustration surrounding the events that just transpired.
Person 1: How did things go with that girl?
Person 2: They didn't, we ride at dawn.
by peatric December 17, 2020
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We ride together, we die together is a term used when a female is on top of you during sexual intercourse. Halfway through the act scream, "We ride together we die together!" and promptly roll off the bed while holding onto her for dear life.
Female: Wow, being on top is fun. We should do it again next time.
Male: We ride together we die together!
Male: *rolls off bed*
by Actually feral March 5, 2020
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A phrase used when a bunch of mates are going to go out together, perhaps on a sesh, or just to have fun.
“Mate, I am stoked for tonight”
Hell yeah!! Tonight we ride!”
by Cloudman74 August 20, 2018
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