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Pronounced “wah-fin”, WAFN is an acronym which stands for “What a Fu#%ing Nightmare!” These days, let’s face it, everything is pretty much a nightmare, so fly your freak flag at full mast and embrace your inner WAFN.
WAFN! This day keeps getting worse, the harder I work, the worse it gets... W.A.F.N.
by WAFNStiltzkin December 05, 2018
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The acronym for "What a Freggin' Noob." Used to put someone who has just embarrassed themselves into a further state of embarrassment. Used when only talking about one person. Also See plural Wabofn
Person 1: Dude! Look at this video I found on youtube.
Person 2: Oh man! That was awesome, he totally got owned!
Person 1: Yeah, I know. Wafn.
by DJ Sam August 11, 2006
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Is and acronym for "What a fuckin nigger", said by a famous youtuber pewdiepie in one of the pewdiepie PUBG stream.
This acronym first came up in a twitch chat whenever they mention pewdiepie or some racist joke.
Some random streamer on twitch: *Mention PewDiePie*
Chat 2: TriHard Pewds cmonBruh
by Jeniferlower August 06, 2018
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