Somethin fuckin Mexicans brought here, everyone uses it
I saw a Mexican carrying Weed, I asked him if I could have some, and he said no
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by Jeff The Beast March 23, 2017
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Something for people that have nothing to do with there lives and tbh should kys.
by Pop a pillow July 06, 2019
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Generic 420 cannabis brand known for bulk weed flower and joints sold in california dispensaries. It's actually pretty bomb scoresomeweed.com score some weed got any weed
Patient - Got any Weed?
Budtender - Uh... yeah thats what we sell here...
Patient - ...
Budtender - ...
Patient - Can I get an ounce of joints?
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by builtbypeter July 27, 2020
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A type of flower that, when smoked, can give mind altering affects and elevate moods. Can also make you gay in some cases, or cause you to fall into an Eternal Gay Sleep, also known as EGS.
Dude did you smoke and of that weed that topher brought? That shit was straight gas.
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by ilikebeer2019 March 20, 2019
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