Used as an alternative for the word bro. It came after vros mistyped "B" with "V". Since both "V" and "b" are nearer to each other in keyboard.
Vro!, how u doin vro?
by Soyabeans October 11, 2021
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the best community on twitch. i love my vros <3
by halluuzi January 5, 2019
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Very Rare Only" a definition that has made by xxxtentacion to call his fans or bestfriends in members only
by Roro Queen October 6, 2020
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term for elite humans whom are a part of the #vrocrew. used by legend Brendon Urie commonly on twitch
wassup my vro?
by rgr101 July 7, 2019
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A way of saying “bro”. It stands for “vary rare only” and was used in XXXTENTACION’s song “Look at Me”.
“She kicked me out, I’m like vro”- Look at Me
“Yo, vro, what’s good?”
by KASTEN September 22, 2020
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Slang for "brother".
Synonymous with "bro".

Popularized by nationally renowned artists xxxtentacion and $ki Mask the Slump God
"How is you feelin vro? Feelin like the four, I feel fantastic."
-$ki Mask's Babywipe
by UnovaXero January 9, 2022
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A non-gender specific word for "bro" or just short for "video game bro". This term comes from a typo in a tweet written by Jake Chamsddine. This term is used and popularized by Brendon Urie and his fanbase.
Person playing fortnite: I JUST WANNA CATCH DUBS WITH MY VROS!
by ryden was probably real tbh February 13, 2019
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