The act of a women having sex with a man other than her husband or boyfriend with his consent and encouragement, without any bi-play or humiliating of her man.
My husband wants me to try vixing because he thinks I'm sexy and will enjoy wild orgasms on the large cocks of strangers.
by SecretPlayWife June 12, 2018
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Vix is by far one of the greatest people alive. She is kind, caring and always tries to put other peoples feelings first even if her own should come first. Funny and beautiful are just a few of the things people see her for even if under the surface there's worlds more greatness to be found.
Dude : WOW that girls so beautiful
Dude2: Who? oh thats Vix
by CaptainAwesomeMan February 3, 2010
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An amazing fantastic funny Pearson, loved by most not all and super creative, one of the best people to have as your friend. If you have a vix in your life your the luckiest person alive!
Hey this person is so kind and funny!

That’s vix for you
by Marsbar? September 30, 2021
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Someone who definitely collects stuffed animals and is the life of the party.

Oh, and is probably asleep more than they are awake.
Person 1 : "Yo, that person is asleep in a giant pile of stuffed animals. Who are they?"
Person 2, holding back tears : "That's Vix, they're the life of the party."
by vixolydian February 21, 2021
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Vix is the person that would make you the happiest person in the world right after you just got broken up with, vix is the most gorgeous and amazing person ever voice like honey on gravel. vix is someone you want to keep with you forever no matter what you have to deal with if you have a vix keep them
wow look that person is such a vix
by i_love_milfs69 March 26, 2021
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A girl who is cool to hang around with, sometimes says funny stuff and definitely does not have an abnormal nose.

Can often be found in pubs in town, while surgically attached to her boyfriend, hoat
"oooh look at that girl over there who's stuck to that goaty looking thing, she looks cool and sometimes funny and has a normal nose, she's a Vix..."
by Not Slick...... February 26, 2007
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(Verb) To engage in the activity known as vaporizing. Best used for the consumption of Marijuana.
"What's wrong with you Mike? You're shaking."
"Johnny, I can't take it anymore. I need my Vix!"
"Sheesh... fucking pothead."

"Yo I'm all out of dat vapor rub G"
"Chill bra, I gotz dat Vix"
by rebel pirates April 24, 2009
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