Long live the people.

This was a slogan heavily used in the 1960's and 1970's in the movement to unionize migrant farm workers. Then used in the Chicano movement thereafter.
Viva la raza! Used as a slogan in rallies
by clouddancer March 16, 2017
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Viva La Raza is a phrase, made famous, and commonly used by Eddie Guerrero. It means,”The Race Lives.”
People: wait till Eddie walks out

Eddie Guerrero theme song: “Viva La Raza!”
by Vscos garbage October 9, 2019
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viva la raza is mexican for long live the hood
Phrase a mexican wrestler that died used a lot wen he was alive
eddie.G: Viva la raza!
Crowd: Eddie! eddie! eddie!
by Gooderz July 19, 2006
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Something latin revolutionaries say
Usa stole our land. Now, we take it back for La raza; Viva La Raza!
by noyoucant June 13, 2014
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