Viti is a girl who will brighten your day no matter what. She is the most gorgeous person you will ever see and is extremely smart. She is better than everyone else but won’t admit it. She’s hilarious and witty. She is absolutely flawless. Find yourself a Viti.
Gosh, isn’t Viti the most amazing person ever?!”
by ImStillAPieceOfGarbage<3 May 10, 2019
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Worst guy you will ever meet plays with u and is a dickhead - from his side hoes
Jason Viti dick

I know right
by Big rocker 69 July 21, 2018
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Of or relating to baked ziti, manicotti. Often very good for your little body.
I've been trying to order forever sir.

Sorry we've been very busy tonight. Understaffed.
Whatever, I'll just take the Tony Viti.
by Murphdizz December 30, 2011
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