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Vitamin T simply refers to Tennents lager, in any form. It is a common misconception that vitamin T is only found in Tennents Ice Cold, however it has been scientifically proven that this is simply vitamin T in its purest form. Vitamin T is also found in canned Tennents, ordinary draught Tennents, and even warm Tennents, although in a less active form. Although yet to be proven, it is widely believed among the scientific community that the purest and most active form of vitamin T is in fact found on the floor of the Hive at the GUU at 1.45am on a Friday morning, and it is best absorbed by rolling around in it naked, rather than actually consuming it.
Have you had your RDA of Vitamin T?
by Fat_cat_in_a_pot September 29, 2010
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1) THC, herb, weed, skunk, marijuana, dank, green, cannabis, bud, reefer, hydro, smoke-smoke, remedy, Nature's Gift, pot, smoke, grass, schwagg, swag, Herbal Essencess.

2) A container or quantity thereof.
Hey mang, you holdin' any Vitamin T?
I need some Vitamin T, to calm my nerves, son.
Light up that T so we can get fucked-up.
Damn, this stress is gettin' to me, I forgot to take my Vitamin T.
I'll throw yah 20 for some Vitamin T.
Why you got a wild hair up your ass? Foget to take your Vitamin T?
by Prof. HighBrow March 01, 2006
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Any form of tobacco. Can be used in conversation around non-tobacco users to make it sound perfectly acceptable. Usually Vitamin T is taken with friends around chew o'clock or chew-thirty.
I got a fresh tin of Skoal and its about Chew O'clock, how about we go get some Vitamin T?
by Dippin on the reg May 25, 2011
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Slang term for food beginning with the letter T:
Tacos, Tortas, Tamales, Tlacoyos, Tostadas, Tortillas, Tlayudas, Tequila
fat guy A: hey, I'm starving.
fat guy B: Let's eat some Vitamin T, this will calm your hunger, she's selling tacos on the street
fat guy A: let's go!
by Retter Snape March 02, 2010
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The truth, honesty, fact, nonfiction. The opposite of Vitamin L, which would be lying and deceit.
I think you need to take a big dose of Vitamin T and tell me where you really were, honey.
by honestnick May 12, 2009
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