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A sexy, smart, and strong man who is generally very smooth with women.
Girl 1: Did you see that hot guy at the gym? He is at the top of our accounting class.

Girl 2: He is such a vitaliy!
by statesman09 October 17, 2010
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Words cannot begin to define Vitaliy, Vitaliy is the sexiest, bravest, smartest, strongest, and all around most awesome. Vitaliy is derived from the russian language. Vitaliy is possibly the most perfect human. Vitaliy has an ability to consume extreme amounts of food that is not explained by science. Vitaliy is adored by all women secretly and is the meaning of success. Vitaliy also has the ability to make all other humans look inferior because he is a professional in everything and can do anything.
by The.all.knowing December 04, 2014
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The smartest computer programmer in the world. Vitaliy is sometimes used as a noun to mean great luck and success in life. It also describes nerds who have lots of girlfriends.
1. Jeef used vitaliy's help to solve all of computer problems in the visual basic code.
2. Aysel had lost of vitaliy when she went with a cool computer guy on the prom.
3. Bill Gates issued a vitaliy patch to improve defence from hackers.
by Aysel Mamedova July 24, 2004
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A somewhat deaf Russian who likes to rave to techno music in his mazda. At times, he may act rather clumsy, and walk into a truck. When bored in class, this guy either texts away on his blackberry or he plays pokemon on his game boy. He tends to eat way too much at every restaraunt that he goes to. Also, for some odd reason, scientists have observed his strange eating habits of burritos with carrots dunked in ketchup. Overall, having a vitaliy is a good thing to have around because he is rather tall and can reach things most people cannot.
That guy over there who just walked into that truck is such a vitaliy!
by peterockpeterson March 25, 2009
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