Taking a long-duration hallucinogenic drug and going to a scenic area like a park or somewhere beautiful.
We took ayahuasca and went on a Vision Quest. This entailed wandering aimlessly through the woods. The demons in the trees guided us and we were never heard from again. (until we awoke on a bed of pine needles and wandered home)
by Caesar Weenis November 17, 2012
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When you smoke herb all night to the point where you cant see whatever is in front of you but in your mind you can see everything else.
Ted- Why are you so out of it? Red- Vision Quest...
Ted- Huh? Red- I needed to figure out the meaning of life so..

Ted- Vision Quest! Red- Exactly
by mjsgal December 11, 2011
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Forcing sleep deprivation upon yourself, usually more than 24 hours without sleep, with the intended purpose that motor functions will be impaired, and hopefully you will see things that are not there.

Illegal substances are NOT part of a vision quest, only drug allowed is caffiene.
Me: Holy shit man... I just slept for 15 hours.
Friend: Why?
Me: I vision quested two nights ago
by Epheras February 06, 2005
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The process of following Youtube video suggestions for hours, one after the other. This can lead you to new crazy topics. You start with one search and end up on something completely different. Often paired with the use of drugs or alcohol and can be done in groups.
Johnny smoked a bowl and lost two hours of his life on a Youtube vision quest that began on breakdancing.
by PMBWordplay May 12, 2011
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