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A girl/woman who has only had sex in the vagina. "Virin" is "Virgin" without a "g" because the G-spot has already been hit. However, a Virin has not had oral sex, anal sex, or any other type of fucking besides in the vagina.
Cally is such a whore.

She may be a whore, but she's only a Virin.
by virinword August 20, 2011
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a majestic person with a flirty personality. sweetheart w. the ladies & chill dude w. the guys! in the time of the witch trails virin was known as the evil witch that possessed demon powers & drank goat blood to inherit his medieval powers! very welcoming on the outside but dangerous in the inside. virin's tend to sell their soul to the devil!
by urbanlegendseeker1289 April 08, 2011
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