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A bunch of ass holes who cant do there job, they go too overboard with everything and never give you a break. They have also been notorious for breaking uo partys, but if theyre Northern Virginia parties, they tend to party WITH them.
"dude, i just got pulled over todya by a va. cop"
"oh man, what happened?"
"i got a FAT ticket, then invited him to my party later tonite."
by #1FAN March 24, 2005
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Those rockin' dudes you see in dem pimped out crown vics wifh dem bigass VHF antennas in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Frequencies Used By the Virginia State Police (not listing repeater input frequencies).:

039.5400 Statewide Intersystem
042.8600 Base Stations Point to Point
154.6650 Mobile to Mobile
154.6800 Special Protection unit
154.6950 Mobile to Mobile
158.9850 Base to Mobile
159.0000 Base to Mobile
159.1350 Base to Mobile
159.1650 Base to Mobile
453.3500 Mobile Extenders
458.3500 Mobile Extenders
Kshhhht, Fairfax, this is car 596, we got a 10-50 on the interstate.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 07, 2004
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