A certain type of person from the Virginia area, inspired by their pinkish skin tone and slightly fatty necks, due to their British ancestry. Many old money families are virginia ham, having established themselves during early colonialism. Virginia ham often work in technology defense contracting or military service.
Working in D.C. is half techie transplants, half virginia ham.

William Rawlins from The Punisher is a total Virginia Ham.
by Emperor Saturn February 28, 2018
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When you hit your partner with a skilet, knock them out and then shove some country ham up their ass
I was horny and craving salt, so my boyfriend gave me a virginia ham
by G8RADE September 13, 2021
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I am so sick of Virginia ham. All I eat is Virginia ham, all I feed my kids is Virginia ham. We want to be paid with anything but Virginia ham. -No bananas for us:(
Person 1: I am so sick of Virginia ham.
by antenna1 March 12, 2022
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