Someone who had never been exposed to double homicide or prison language.

Extremely funny responses when some ask that's in first grade no less, "Mommy what is sliming?"

The mother having been a member of a Baptist church looked up the term and blushed. My friends from College Church were trying to get me employ "Utah Profanity" when they heard me utter the word "shit" as a church mate from Assemblies of God heard me drop "Fuck" after my factory accident where the left index finger was mutilated.

An interview a former church mate from the 1994-1996 era did an interview that he for the first time was uncensored where I ribbed on the then vocalist, "you really don't need to watch your language around me. If you want to go for broke, go ahead let the f-bomb fly." I said this smiling when I did my blog, "I relate to a Christian who does swear than one who never uttered an explicit term."

The term some say has origins in Glenbard East when I did the Italian counterpart to fucker as a teacher heard me say this and understood Italian *whoops*
A Utah resident walking around Glendale Heights and telling a smart-ass to "shut the front door."
"Hey Vertical Smile, this is the fucking mid-1990s. Where the hell did you borrow your language from. The character from Hi Honey I'm Home. You're in Glendale Heights where discussions are candid about ghosts being made because the impaling of a hallowpoint"

The Utah resident dropped his jaw as he never heard the word twat referred in a colorful way, "What the..... my Virgin Ears had been brutally violated."

He continues, "Oh flip, this one produced the true crime yarn The Cabbie Homicide. Wait a sec, he's connected to Assemblies of God?!? " Seeing his website, "He's a Christian and he writes like this?!?!"
by illinoishorrorman February 14, 2018
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