Glenbard East, located in Lombard, Illinois. Glenbard East is the worst school to attend out of all of the Glenbards. They have a neat color scheme of red and black. If you go to East, then get ready to get looked down upon by the other schools. People from Glenbard East hate Willowbrook, their rival, and often blurt out "fuck the Brook". East is also known to be slutville, where the girls are easy and a bunch of sluts. People from Glendale Heights, Bloomingdale, and Addison all attend Glenbard East. Their mascot is represented by the Ram. Their wrestling and basketball team is amazing while their football team is used as practice by the other schools.
What school did you go to?
I went to Glenbard East.
Damn, I feel sorry for you.
by Ram Head August 13, 2013
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Hogwart's School Of Tabloid and Investigative Journalists -- that's the joke that applied based on J. K. Rowling literary creation as the joke was applied when someone took my high school photo from my senior year and doctored it to make me look like Harry Potter on Something Awful. Some factions in the industry when they saw me do a photo giving the finger they tried to do a rule 34 with the photograph and other gross shit. During the era An Eye In Shadows was playing out originally the Chicago Tribune reported on a Gym teacher who was arrested for pulling a Jared Fogle with a 16 year old female student.

Glenbard East became the setting of the Gothic Real Person Fiction horror tale, Wandering In Darkness which became the story of the second namesake. A House of Pain alumni joined the second namesake as an alumni was part of the first one. In the mid-1990s The Echo did a piece about witchcraft and paranormal discussions as students were making jokes about partying with ghosts in the commentary. The nickname "The Occult Glenbard" stuck from this. Discussions on in the 2006 era on the high school group about ghosts was one of the most popular threads invoked as the story from Withersin before it was published as it was being written became the starting point for the discussions.
You'd be surprised what emerged from the 1990s era of DuPage County -- if you read An Eye In Shadows and Wandering In Darkness one will see a much more diabolical look at the insight of the Glenbard consisting of glass, the high school known as Glenbard East. The Cabbie Homicide's guilty party was a class of 1994 as his classmate was in his seventh grade homeroom.

It had been the subject of controversy in the 2000s as a bomb threat, a Columbine style shooting, baseball team hazing (ie the urination on a student aka the Locker Room Urine Incident,) sex scandals and you name it. A regular Hogwarts School of Tabloid and Investigative Journalists when you realize they produced the writer of The Fandom Writer. The editor/publisher who became known for using's former editor's photograph for a urinal cake and uploading the aftermath.
by illinoishorrorman February 01, 2018
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This is a school where every white kid acts ghetto. A school that’s just worse than every school at absolutely everything. A school where most of the students will get absolutely no where in life. A school full of mistakes.
by Puss_Z_Slayer669 September 09, 2021
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