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Another cross between virginity and dignity, this is the word when both are lost at the same time, ie when someone loses their virginity in a very embarassing way.

People can only lose their virdignity once, the most common is because of premature ejaculation, ie 'Stewart lost his virdignity last night because he was finished in 8 seconds.'
Did you hear? Carys totally lost her virdignity when she accidentally screamed out her ex's name at the end.

Oh shit -- Jess lost her virdignity when the person she was having sex with turned out to be related to her.
by Octopusrave July 21, 2009
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A portmanteau of "virginity" and "dignity," virdignity is the kind of self-respect and pride you can only lose once, and then never again. The end of an undefeated record, falling off the wagon after a long term of sobriety, sharting your pants for the first time (especially when said hard fart happens around witnesses)--these would all be extreme examples of a loss of virdignity. For the most part, one only realizes virdignity exists once it's been lost.
Oh, shit--Chaz just fell down and split his pants! There goes his virdignity at this job!

Jenny was going down on me the other day, and I totally cut one. Complete loss of virdignity, man.

Hey, I've still never gotten an STD, unlike you sluts. My virdignity is intact.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
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