Vinal is a word people would use to describe someone cool
That kid next-door it very Vinal
by Sososossososko October 16, 2019
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Twitter's decision in late October 2016 to begin down-sizing the popular video-sharing app, Vine, starting by rolling back the functionality of various app features and the suggestion of eliminating the service in the future altogether.
Now that Vinality has occurred, my social media arsenal is irreparably compromised, threatening my ability to express myself online through short videos.
by 1<l10mmm October 28, 2016
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Verb - to rate ones self above all else in the universe. This action is not applicable to Ronaldo , Ghandi or Michael Jackson.
Check out that guy over there he is pulling a Vinal Shah.

Opposite - Michael Jackson is unshahable.
by Szcz1633 March 30, 2009
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The cord in your neck that know one knows about (everybody has them)
Put pressure on It then they will cringe that is the vinal cord.
by Cool word person September 5, 2016
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u need to get of wattpad, ur gonna become a poppy vinall!!!!!
by not izzy July 16, 2021
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a kid with no life who sits on his computer all day and talks to other people that he meets on line and has never seen, except for a special someone who's name we wont mention, and brags about his airsoft ''prowess''.
A; have u seen Bruce Vinal?
B; not since he got a computer...
A; what a waste...
by 1-FrIeNd September 26, 2010
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