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You know those kids that you see wandering around parks and hanging out in the grocery store? Those guys are your average village kids.

The always seem to be eating or drinking. I swear they are the only people who use that microwave at the pay station in most supermarkets to heat up whatever it is that they have bought to munch on, in/on the way to the park.

They hang around in small groups of 3 or 4 and look a little like homeless people. Usually wearing hats and sunnies, often in skinny jeans and band t's but not as rigid in their uniform as indie kids or scene kids. Often they will be seen with frisbees or soccer balls having a laugh. They walk everywhere and consider everything to be within walking distance from wherever they are, nothing is a trek for these kids!

Often village kids are straight-edge but the occurrence is not common enough to be made a trait of theirs. They will work in movie rental places and second hand book stores around the neighborhood.

Inside jokes and un-understandable colloquial terms are common. They think that everybody can understand what they are saying but in reality nobody but their little village group has a clue what they are talking about.

If they leave the park and the surrounding streets it will be for live music. Little grimy gigs in bars and small clubs are what these kids are all about. No music is too strange, too fringe or to anything really for Village Kids. They will listen to anything as long as it is live and has a good atmosphere going.

They are pretty cool kids to hang out with, and once you are in the club, they are cool and accepting. anything goes!
Beverly: Hey man, they are building this new really sweet looking half pipe down at George Hay, we should go hang there this Saturday.

Mike: You better watch it Bev, if you keep hanging out in the park you're going to turn into a Village Kid.
by pseudostudent June 21, 2009
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scummy filthy kids who have no friends or money and live in the slums.

Usually the family will have a lazy loser father figure who keeps them in poverty.
that village kid is gross and so is his family.
by boner4994 June 23, 2010
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