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A soulful man tend to having double personalties. Taken back in the 30's in India it was also seen as a
A jolly-olly-man! very giggly, very adorable, very brown.

Depending on your understanding this rare creature tends to eat anything in its path. To this date no one speaks of Vikrant; in fear of the Indian version of Pillsbury dough-boy
Friend A: Yo! whos house we going to Ahmed or viky-poo? Friend B: MAN, we heading to Victoria house!
Friend A: Your shittin' me
Friend B: NO MAN! we heading out to Vikrants house...NOW!
by viky-poo-boo March 23, 2010
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Great boyfriend. Indian af. Hilarious!!! But underneath he is very sweet and caring.

Tends to enjoy food. Indian food.

Tall, dark hair. Indian. Dark eyes. Tan. Indian.
Friend: What are your plans tonight?
Girl: I'm hanging out with Vikrant
by eucalyptus34 June 26, 2018
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