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A circle of 8 or more performing the Dutch Rudder on one another.
The party was a sausage fest so we circled up and got on the Viking Ship
by Deuce360 October 24, 2009
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Ships used by Scandinavian warriors (Vikings) and traders from the 5th to 12th centuries. They were long (up to 150 feet), and looked much like enormous canoes. They were powered by both oar and sail.
These ships allowed the Vikings to travel to places as far as Iran and Cape Cod. If it wasn't for the Longship, the Vikings would not have been able to become a feared prescence in Europe.

Some facts about Viking longships:

Under certain weather conditions, a Viking Ship can outsail a modern racing yacht!

A ship was considered a Viking chief's most prized posession. They were given names like "Steed of the waves" and "Long Serpent".

They were "Clinker Built", with overlapping strakes running from bow to stern. This allowed them to ride on the waves, instead of being crushed by the vicious North Sea waves.

Though they were very fast, Viking Ships stood very little chance in a naval battle (except against other Vikings.
Without the Viking Ship, there would be no Vikings.
by El_Haggis September 09, 2006
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When one grabs the central base of the scrotum and the head of the penis simultaneously, then pulls outward. The penis become the dragon on the front of the ship and the entire scrotum become the seating area.
When I showed Haley my Viking Ship, she gasped in amazement.
by Elephant Wizard February 27, 2010
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A gathering, party, or bar where the vast majority of attendants are straight males, who, not unsurprisingly, wonder where all the females are.
DJ Stay-Funk's party was lame, nothing but guys...a real viking ship.

MC Musty went into the pub to scope it out for the group. A minute or two later he comes out and tells the rest "Screw this place. It's a fucking viking ship in there, nothing but tools."
by MaxMan June 23, 2006
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