How do I stop or block viewing VEVO ads on youtube, all I want is video's that don't have all these advertisements? I WANT THE VIDEO, NOT THE ADS!!!

EASY: When you type the band you are looking for, include -vevo
Pretend this is the youtube search input box. Type:

"eminem -vevo"

DONE: now all vevo videos are removed.
by stoptheviolence1 July 13, 2011
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Corporate asses that post music videos for free and hog YouTube all year long. Reason why adds exist on YouTube. Apart from that, we don't know why we call them corporate asses.
Derp: Did you see antibug123's new video?
Derpette: Yeah! its so stupid, right?!
Derp: I agree!!!
Derpette: HE IS A VEVO!!
Derp: Lets never watch a VEVO'S video ever again!!!
by Lfisnotanairport November 18, 2011
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Vevo - vote early, vote often. What you need to do to give your entries thumbs up votes on Urban Dictionary.
Urban Dictionary's entry for proper rugby, (rugby union) and crap boring fake forwardless rugby -- rugby league have been vevoed by pro-league trolls.
by Lester Tiger September 11, 2006
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A company that allows artists on youtube to monetize their online music videos with the use of 5-15 second ads. In exchange, the videos are free to watch and are always high quality, never being less than 360p and commonly being as high as 1080p.

For some reason it has gained a large amount of irrational hatred because of the apparent "corporate" feel it gives to youtube, a company owned by a corporation. For some reason people find it crazy that an artists would want to earn some compensation for their popular and free to view videos, especially considering Internet is largely surpassing television and most music channels are notorious for never playing music videos anyway, and that "option" leaves you with 2-3 minutes of commercials.
Vevo is only applied to singles, the music videos which would garner the most attention, so its understandable that the artists would want to be able to profit off of its popularity without purchases. Also, ads before videos are short, never lasting more than 15 seconds, and many lasting only 5 before allowing the viewer to skip. For some reason though this waiting is too much for the "entitled" viewer.

Vevo isn't a sign of greed, but advancement in the industry. Music video fans can now view any video they want, in high quality, and only be separated by mere seconds of ads, and not be charged a dime, and the artists can receive the revenue they have earned.

People trying to make money off of something they put effort into? RIDICULOUS!
Person 1: Oh god, not another vevo vid!
Person 2: What, you hate vevo?
Person 1: Yea, of course, so many stupid ads, I just want to watch the video.
Person 2: What's wrong with vevo, the artists are getting the money they rightfully deserve, especially considering most people don't even BUY music anymore.
Person 1: Yea but still, youtube is just a big corporation now.
Person 2: Youtube always was a corporation, and by the way, the ad's already done, put it to 720p.
by Meaty McSauasage January 13, 2012
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Company that puts HIGH QUALITY OFFICIAL music vids on youtube. Not just sweet sweet audio chocolate, but also something cool to watch while your ears are cumming. Now stay with me plz, although this isnt an angry person saying angry things post that by reading will make you feel better about being pissed at vevo. Ill admit the mini-ads can get annoying, but its waay better to watch the good stuff by vevo than browse through fake titled or shitty quality songs, esp. some losers remix/cover. All you gotta do is click the vevo vid at the top of your search, wait 10-15 secs for that diabolical ad to finish, then enjoy the vid and “rape the replay button” without seeing the ad again. I personally keep like 10 songs up at a time in different tabs. Yeah so I think if ppl look at vevo in that way theyll be happier and not annoyed/frustrated at the ads, like I used to be before I put some thought into it. Plus im baked as fuck, bored, and sick of seeing comments complaining about vevo. XD
Retardo McGhee: *typing youtube comment* “zomgbitchwhiiiinebitch vevo needs to get their corporate asses off youtube blah blah greedy blah blah blah give me a thumbs up and we will get vevo to leave youtube”
Will: (2 minutes later) Wow thats already the highest rated comment. Its really annoying that half the top rated youtube comments these days are idiots whining about vevo. Thats possibly the worst thing about vevo. Ppl should know that their immature rants wont force it off youtube; its here to stay.
Retardo McGhee: *drools* Dood vevo is teh DEVIL!!
Will: *eye twitches* Hmmm. K just think of it this way: youre still getting free music on youtube, but also helping the artist you like/love/wanna fuck make some dough.
Retardo McGhee: Gahh okie dokie. Mmm Tyler Glenn.
Will: Fag.
by kbeebs January 14, 2011
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