The awesomest person that you will ever meet. She is the best, and you all should be jealous of her.
Wow, I really want to meet Vessi!
by _vessi January 14, 2009
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Vessy is one of kind woman. A woman with erudition and a good heart, a woman with the perfect physical proportions. Vessy laughter makes your heart melt. Her eyes are deep like the the universe and it's secrets. Vessy is a mystery..waiting to be unveiled. Don't ever underestimate her because of her uniqueness, she is clever as hell and hotter than fire. Don't play with her, treat her good. She deserves that. Don't think she's a trophy. She is not a human being either, she is more than that, just be good to her and she will unveil all of her deep secrets. Vessy can be evrything, but also can be nothing. And who are you mister?
Vessy is a goddess from Sofia city.
by ssg13 July 14, 2017
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Short for Vesseline: This hairy Bulgarian lover will have you screaming for days! He has a very small penis and his beastly looks and foreign style will arouse you in the strangest ways. His hairy face, chest, thighs, butt, back and feet make up for those days you wish you had a Chia pet.
As Vessy ran out of the bushes the people in the park scattered screaming, Big foot!.
by VLsquared August 1, 2006
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bitch; stealer; worst person you will ever meet.
by cbdc February 5, 2010
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