very sexy means very good looking person for example leon sheehan
by Leon Sheehan The Boss July 1, 2021
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A guy who is incredibly sexy... Like beyond anyone else in your phonebook
Tom Cole is a Very Sexy Guy
by Gnf2020 September 21, 2020
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This is a lyric in a song made by Russ and Tion Wayne called Keisha and Becky. Its a grime song
"Girl you Very Sexy Keisha Becky ."
by BlackmanJack October 27, 2019
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Ellie's very sexy bf.
Luca has a very very very nice ass and is so hot, he's the one person who will brighten your day with his humorous jokes and cute smiles and caring personality that will give you butterflies everytime you see him. He has the cutest faggy boy who will protect and love and care about you no matter what and will do anything to make someone feel cared for. Luca is very cool and popular with the boys and girls if yk what I mean and he's always down for a fun time by usually doing something dumb or illegal. Overall one of the most amazing boys you'll ever meet, he makes girls head over toes and definitely the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. Also he makes me blush alot like everytime I see him in the halls and everything
Wow Luca (my very sexy bf) <3 is so hot and I'm so jealous of his girlfriend that will hurt any girl that breaths the same air as him
by Hsguebwhi Jay in November 28, 2021
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