Either you're actually very hungry, in which case, go eat something, or you were thinking of the terrifying cartoon "game" in which a pumpkin walks into a restaurant and demands food before proceeding to destroy the fabric of his reality.
by bored-dude November 6, 2020
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This phrase is from a video game on cool math.org that became a popular meme The game revolves around feeding a pumpkin until he gets so fat he dies
I am very hungry- I am fat
by Voice over Pete April 16, 2019
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A Chirldren's book writen and published by Eric Carle in 1969 (Nice😏)
Me: Dad what is The Very Hungry Caterpillar?
My (Nonexistent) Dad: One of the greatest book of my time.
by Imthehamman May 24, 2023
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when somebody out this is getting a a bit more than thirsty torwards you ;D
by doeydefeatsbartman October 24, 2023
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