very skinny woman, like a green bean
Nicole Richie needs to eat, shes looking like a haricot vert lately.
by Scott Freah August 28, 2006
1. n. a shirt with the sleeves removed by means of cutting or ripping.
2. v. to remove a shirt's sleeves by cutting or ripping.
1. Maddog thought that Skunkeye was too thin to wear a vert-jock.
2. On the first day of summer, to celebrate I short my pants and vert-jock my shirt.
by sheldorama August 17, 2006
Guy 1: hey you know that unfunny normie Trayvon Vert that steals all of his memes from /r/dankmemes and tries to make money off of them?
Guy 2: NOPE
by Traytray February 6, 2018
A little kid that steals memes and makes emo posts.
Did you just trayvon vert Daquan?

Yeah man i totally stole his meme then cried about it.
by Namedplayer February 6, 2018
A gay emo meme snapchatter who cannot get girls for his life
look at “trayvon vert” today. he looks so emo.
by nigerfgt420 February 6, 2018
A person whom'st is just popular enough to be defined on Urban Dictionary.
"I've heard that sarah has just become Trayvon vert"
by Enzo_sennin February 6, 2018