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referes to someone who is high class meme lord and has superior comedic skills compared to the inferior Daquan
Aye shit bro you see Trayvon Verts meme yesterday?”
Ya dude it was way better than stupid wannabe Daquan”
by Mexicum February 6, 2018
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A literal God. Finest amongst the human race. Hated but also loved. Sexy ass Mf.
Look at Vert that sexy mf.
by ilyvert February 15, 2022
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Biggest NN coming from US, who? Dude got tapped while trying to play smart, but he is botnik NN
vert dick stop talking
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connor is a 15-year-old tumblogger from england. he has one of the best green blogs around and he's also known as "the king of green". he's on a mission to make everyone feel cared for and loved, and seeing as he's the nicest guy on tumblr he does a great job of this. if anyone messages him he will make them feel loved. there's not much more to say except that he is perfect!
vert-fonce: you're perfect <3
by leteti May 13, 2012
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technology that creates significant vertical growth on a beanie
Chad: nice vert Kyle.
Kyle: thanks Columbia has some good vert tech
by mobfiji February 10, 2021
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The best Fucken place ever fucken built in the history of building anything.It was the place to be any time of the day,any time of the night.You could go there and have a skate and your troubles would be gone and your thaughts would be clear.You could meet new peopel and learn new tricks and have he time of your night.After having a skate here you would feel so good about yourself.It was the best skatepark ever built and had the best locals and the best Fucken everything.
Tommo:Oi Ben man vert-x shuy down man.
Tommo:did you here me man
Tommo:oi ben lad
by Darren Thomson May 10, 2005
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In basketball: Kinda the same as the "J-zone" but ur concentratin more on the height of ur jump (vertical) than on the timing or fade-away (effectiveness).
"DAAAAAYYYMMMMM he's in the vert zone big time" If you see a really simple dunk but with huge elevation.
by ball4lyf123 May 25, 2009
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