NOUN: A fictional extremely aggressive extraterrestrial lifeform that's spoken about in "Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator"
It's origins are the fictional planet of "Vermes" that's 53,100,000,000km (32,994,810,307 miles) away from our sun.
"Oh no, A vermicious kind!" said an astronaut before being brutally devoured by one.
"While The Shlarps were exploring the galaxy, they encountered a Vermicious Knid group that was their inevitable end"
by Korkos Breadsofis June 5, 2021
a fictitious creature from the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl. used to define any undefinable creature that would do any undefinable thing.
Oh look, a Vermicious Knid.
What the fuck is that?
I have no idea, but if you want to sound like an idiot saying something no one knows or cares about, that's what it is.
by not a Vermicious Knid. January 20, 2011
During intercourse in a bed, partner #1 pulls the corners of the elastic banded bed sheet off the bed and pulls it up over partner #2, trapping them. They are then dragged on the floor and spun around so the sheet is twisted shut. While they try to get out, #1 furiously masterbates before climaxing at the same time #2 emerges. Partner 1 then yells “Charlie, lookout, it’s a Vermicious Knid!” as they cum on the other person, who is forced to hide back under the sheet.
“I gave Stacy a Vermicious Knid last night!”

Joe let me give him a Vermicious Knid and he took 5 hours to escape!”
by 30mmHashCannon May 16, 2022