Verite is someone with big Dick a really big dick that's all you need to know
Verite is Someone that needs xxlarge condom
by Mr. Steal your girl 1234569 March 25, 2018
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From the Latin word "veritas" meaning "truth", it means "literally", indicating that the statement qualified by the adjective is in no way an exaggeration.
Me: I have a veritable plethora of girlfriends!
My lackey: For sooth!
by trvsc3 November 15, 2005
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The act of scissoring when it involves at least one guy, i.e. grinding taints with one or more nutsacks in play.
During Molly's first sexual encounter with a man, she tried to ease into it with a nice bit of verite, but when Charlie started jerking himself off she became queasy and changed her mind.
by klepacki February 14, 2014
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One who is the daddy of all macks, veritably.
All the girls seem to want to be around you, you most certainly are the veritable mack daddy.
by PseudoA Friend September 1, 2010
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a vast and plentiful array of the fairer sex in one given place. An assemblage of hot-looking chicks at a given locale.
When cruising through the mall today, it was definitely a veritable smorgasbord of feminine pulchritude.
by weave September 7, 2003